I’m a fire woman, strong, brave and dominant. I am the only woman between the firemen and everybody respects me, some of them are my secret slaves also! Today I had a call, a guy called in panic, telling that his kitchen is on fire and he is in danger. I immediately rushed to the scene, and I found a big loser guy in panic because there is a tiny fire in the pan. WTF?!?! I have a very important and serious job, I save human lives and this retarded bastard just wastes my time! I ‘m really angry and this is not his lucky day, as it was my last call of the day, so I have plenty of time to have some fun!


I love facesitting but I think this practically unsuitable for education and punishment. The most of the slaves love very much and enjoy the facesitting. Am I right?! The main reason that the slaves love facesitting is that they feel the divine scent of ass and pussy. You can say that they can not breath! Believe me, these pathetic creatures always find a little niche where they get air.

I want total control of the slaves. I want that they can see my sarcastic smile on my face while they brutally suffer! I sit full weight on their throat and strart their torture. My weight compresses the esophagus and the veins, crushing them under my weight. The breathing is mission impossible! Their head gets red because the bl0od can’t flow back! The hipoxia is oming soon! The body starts to produce endorphins… If they misbehave, the last thing they are going to see dimly in their life, is my perfect ass and sarcastic smile!!!