In my new series there is a really interesting story. Look at this young blond guy, he is my schoolmate from the university. I know him for more than two years, and his sister is one of my best friends. He recently found out that I am a dominatrix and I make porn and fetish movies, so he came to me one day, fell on his knees and begged me to be my slave! WTF?!?! I was totally surprised… I told him that this is not an option because he is my schoolmate and his sister is my best friend, and also I ‘m very hard and humiliate with my slaves. He said that he knows because he bought lot of my movies and clips and he really want to be my slave. So I spoke on the phone with his sister and she told me that it is no problem for her because she knows that his brother is a born loser! So I warn this loser that my casting for slaves is extreme, because I just want very strong and masochistic slaves. He still wants it…Ok! Let the fun begin!!!


I challenge this loser to a armwrestling.I know he is much stronger than me ,but he is really simple guy and I have a tactic against him.He’s overly confident and contemptuous, and this is a huge mistake.I t0rtured him all day ,and I know his muscles are little tired and he has pain in elbow,but ok it will be a tough combat.The fight lasts to 3 wins.He plays with me like a cat with a mouse and smiles sarcastically.Ok,I play his game and I pretend that I’m fighting with full force but I wait patiently that he start to feel tired.My tactic works,I lost the first two rounds, but now it’s my time!